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    Organization and duty

    The organizational structure of Hunei District Office Kaohsiung City

    The district office consists of a district supervisor, secretary-general, as well as four offices and three sections, including: Accounting Office, Human Resources Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Secretary Office, Civil Affairs Section, Economic Development Section and Social Welfare Section. They are responsible for all administrative measures, local construction and social welfare.

    1. Civil Affairs Section:

    Responsible for self-governing administration, election, etiquette and custom, religion, land administration, environmental hygiene, compulsory education, social education, culture, civil defense, health insurance, and other civil affairs

    2. Social Welfare Section:

    Responsible for social welfare, labor administration, cooperative business, social assistance, calamity relief, social activities, community development, guidance and assistance of job, guidance and assistance of civil organization, and other social affairs

    3. Economic Development Section:

    Responsible for market, industry and commerce, measurements, food and agriculture, finance and taxation, public construction, and other economic affairs

    4. Secretary Office:

    Responsible for research and evaluation, official seal, document, file, general affairs, cashier, serving people, and other affairs not related to other sections or offices

    5. Accounting Office:

    Responsible for annual count, accounting, and statistics

    6. Human Resources Office:

    Responsible for management of personnel matters and examinations

    7. Civil Service Ethics Office:

    Responsible for anti-corruption affairs